Breakfree Case Study

Breakfree increase revenue from email channel by 64% by targeting conversion rate improvement via RedEye

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At a glance


• Strategic consultation to identify key areas in which conversion rate improvements could be made


• 85% increase in conversion rate in one year


• 64% increase in revenue from the email channel


• 1,542% return on investment in first year with RedEye

A better understanding of bookers’ behaviour to drive personalisation

When new clients come onboard with RedEye we always want to make sure we meet their expectations and more.


When BreakFree Holidays first started using our Marketing Automation platform, Contour, they set us a target to increase their overall email conversion rate by 1% in a year and we jumped at the challenge.

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Implementing multi-stage email campaigns from the start

To ensure we hit the target set, our Account Management team worked closely with BreakFree Holidays to help identify key areas in which conversion rate improvements could be made.


To begin with automated multi-stage email campaigns were implemented, including abandoned search, abandoned booking and welcome emails.

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Creating clever segmentation from transactional and customer behavioural data

Engagement segmentation was utilised to optimise BreakFree Holidays’ email frequency. This ensured the correct amount of communications were sent to the right people, at the right time, significantly reducing the risk of unsubscribes and database churn.


Next, transactional and website behavioural data was put to use allowing BreakFree Holidays to implement highly targeted email campaigns. This data enabled emails to be based on travel dates, locations and group composition.


For example, families received school holiday content and emails promoting specific locations could be sent to those who had searched for them or travelled there previously.

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Enhancing the customer experience through highly targeted and relevant email sends

Finally, the RedEye Account Management team reviewed performance on a regular basis, allowing recommendations to be made for improvements and testing regularly.


This was especially concentrated on successes and key areas of improvement during peak periods in preparation for the next sales peak period.

Implementation of data-driven marketing automation campaigns exceeded all targets

Following a busy year of making improvements to the BreakFree Holidays email channel, their target of a 1% increase in email conversion rate was not only met but exceeded.


When they joined RedEye they had a conversion rate of 3.20% and after the year was over we had achieved an 85% increase leading to a conversion rate of 5.91%.


On top of this bookings were also increased by 54% YOY and overall revenue from the email channel was increased by 64%. The ROI from BreakFree Holidays first year with us was 1,542%.

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“We decided on the RedEye Marketing Automation platform to help us achieve improvements in our email channel’s conversion rates. We set RedEye the target of improving our overall email conversion rate by 1%, we were absolutely thrilled, at the end of our first year with RedEye, that they had not only met our target, but they had nearly doubled our email conversion rate, long may this success continue!”

Marketing Manager
BreakFree Holidays


Return on investment in the first year with RedEye


Increase in email revenue from email channel


Increase in conversion rate in one year

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