Email Marketing

Send highly engaging personalised and individualised emails to your customers based on their behaviour

Maximise the use of your behavioural data through dynamic content and interactive tools ensuring your emails are relevant and based on interactions your customers makes with your brand.
Transform your ecommerce email marketing by moving away from bulk sends and embracing one-to-one automation that delivers exceptional results.

Drag and drop email builder

A platform full of functionality, built specfically with the email marketer in mind

Send relevant, smarter emails faster than ever whether that be bulk campaign sends, automated customer lifecycle journeys, abandonment or transactional emails.

Campaign journey builder

The intuitive journey builder allows you to create cross channel marketing campaigns through a drag and drop interface. Create split rules based on interactions to send customers on a unique journey.

Drag and drop email builder

No coding skills are required with our easy to use interface, build emails that look beautiful on any device. For those know how to code our editor is flexible allowing for html to be directly loaded in.

Dynamic content tool

Use all your data to create the most personalised email content. Go beyond simple merge values and change the entire look and feel of your emails based on previous and predicted customer behaviour.

Interactive context-sensitive content

Take the next step in email evolution and use interactive content within your email creatives. Our system can host video in email, polls, countdown clocks, live weather, maps and much more!

Email render preview tool built in

Ensure your email creatives stay on brand by using our email render tool which tests how your creatives will look in all of the most popular email clients and devices at the click of one button.

Rules to ensure high inbox placement

Keep your email domain and IP out of email providers’ blocklists by utilising built in rules and segmentation that sends more emails to engaged recipients and less emails to those likely to hit spam.

A/B testing and control tests

Constantly evolve your email campaigns to increase performance by testing everything you send. Whether that be a simple A/B test on creatives to in-depth research across mutiple channels using control tests.

Campaign performance dashboards

Quickly and easily see the key metrics of each individual email you send and the campaign as a whole through performance reports and dashboards. Select to view directly in platform or straight to your inbox.

View click engagement via heatmaps

Find out exactly which part of your email creatives are performing best and which areas have room for improvement by using our click engagement heatmaps available to access from each completed email campaign.

Predictive Frequency Management increases engagement by 17%

“We’ve gone from sending one or two emails a week to sending almost every day. Our open rates have increased to nearly 40%, click-throughs are averaging about 6% and conversion rate has over doubled.”

Charlotte Freddi, CRM Marketing Manager, Gtech

Eaglemoss achieve 63% email revenue growth YOY

“Without the RedEye Marketing Automation Hub, especially the ‘Back in Stock’ programme, the channel growth we have seen in the last three years wouldn’t have happened. We feel RedEye are an integral supplier of Eaglemoss and are looking forward to continuing our growth together.”

Adam Symes, Group Head of CRM, Eaglemoss

Automated data-driven personalisation, at every stage of the customer lifecycle

“My team found the campaign management and segmentation tools so user friendly they could scale up their triggered messaging programmes such as abandoned basket, browse and search, plus our nursery/welcome programmes across 7 countries.”

Matthew Grisman, Head of Customer Retention, MandM Direct

Travis Perkins used AI and predictive analytics to reduce customer churn by 54%

“We worked with RedEye to implement their Predictive Modeller to help us identify our customers who were most likely to leave. The Churn Model gave us the opportunity to act before it was too late. We saw an 8.8% increase in retention.”

Vicki Nolan, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Travis Perkins

Designed to drive success across multiple channels

Using a single customer view database, create personalised customer experiences by utilising all marketing channels from one powerful workflow and journey builder. This is where data and channels meet.


SMS marketing

Built in SMS functionality to send automated responses, complement your email campaigns and boost customer interactions.

Push Notifications

Push notifications

Integrate your mobile app data in your marketing automation workflows and engage your customers with one-to-one messaging.

Custom Audience Retargeting

Social, search & display retargeting

Extend your reach easily with our Google Ads, Facebook and Criteo integrations. Create targeted segments and export directly audience retargeting.

Direct Mail

Direct mail marketing

Use our address match integration to cleanse your address data, then automate the delivery of your direct mail segments to your mailing house.

Website Personalisation

Web personalisation

Serve personalised and relevant content to specific segments on your website to enhance their onsite experience.

Explore more capabilities designed to grow revenue and strengthen customer loyalty

Single Customer View

Create your unique single customer view

Combine, consolidate and connect all your customer data from transactional to behavioural and deliver data-driven personalisation.

Customer intelligence and Predictive Analytics

Intelligent campaign, customer and predictive analytics

Understand, query and action newly uncovered trends and drive your customers through each stage of the lifecycle for maximum returns.

Marketing Automation

Fully integrated multi-channel marketing automation

Our intuitive journey builder allows you to easily create automated campaigns. Harness the power of cross-channel communications all from one screen.

Start driving more intelligent marketing automation today

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