Web Push

Personalised, data driven web push messages for that instant impact!

Increase conversion for your promotions and exclusive offers through web push – the communication channel that delivers instantly.
Utilise our Segment Builder and combine with customer behaviour to create highly targeted messages, keeping your customers in the loop as soon as they open their web browser.

A smarter way to send web push

Don’t send campaigns to everyone who’s signed up. Use your single customer view to its potential and target specific sub-sets of customers.

Deeper personalisation

Create push campaigns that reach your audience at the right time, when they’re back online, by using personalisation based on their recent activities.

A multichannel approach

Combine your push campaigns with email, SMS and social retargeting all from one workflow – proven to increase engagement, conversion and revenue.

Women receiving a web push whilst browsing at home

Add web push to your campaigns and drive extra sales

Web push campaigns are a great way to get customers back onto your website when they are already in the mood for browsing.
Web push clicks and conversion rates are increasing every year as more and more customers enjoy being notified of new promotions and offers when they open their web browser.

Creating a web push in RedEye

Get customers back on your site

By using RedEye’s native web push channel you’ll get all the benefits of a single customer view to create highly targeted and personalised Web Push campaigns.
Use this channel to retarget customers who have abandoned their basket, a product page or to announce a new product launch.


“The combined effect of web push and email has elevated our outreach to new levels. The impact of web push’s notification delivery, coupled with the effectiveness of Email has created a dynamic duo that resonated powerfully with our customers.”


“What impressed us was the ease of integration and the unparalleled segmentation options we can use with web push in RedEye. We could tailor our messages with precision, ensuring relevance for each customer segment.”
Rajpal Bhogal, Head of Marketing, WatchShop

Fossil Watch on businessman

“The ability to seamlessly combine both channels has created a new method of customer engagement. Web Push has allowed us to capture audience attention as soon as they open their web browser, complementing the strategic approach of our email campaigns.
The result? A harmonious blend that not only increased visibility but also enhanced our campaign performance.”

Rajpal Bhogal, Head of Marketing, WatchShop

Designed to drive success across multiple channels

Using a single customer view database, create personalised customer experiences by utilising all marketing channels from one powerful workflow and journey builder. This is where data and channels meet.

Email Marketing

Email marketing

Create customised, dynamic and personalised emails with or without the ability to code with our flexible editor and design options.

Push Notifications

Push notifications

Integrate your mobile app data in your marketing automation workflows and engage your customers with one-to-one messaging.

Custom Audience Retargeting

Social, search & display retargeting

Extend your reach easily with our Google Ads, Facebook and Criteo integrations. Create targeted segments and export directly audience retargeting.

Direct Mail

Direct mail marketing

Use our address match integration to cleanse your address data, then automate the delivery of your direct mail segments to your mailing house.

Website Personalisation

Web personalisation

Serve personalised and relevant content to specific segments on your website to enhance their onsite experience.

Explore more capabilities designed to grow revenue and strengthen customer loyalty

Single Customer View

Create your unique single customer view

Combine, consolidate and connect all your customer data from transactional to behavioural and deliver data-driven personalisation.

Customer intelligence and Predictive Analytics

Intelligent campaign, customer and predictive analytics

Understand, query and action newly uncovered trends and drive your customers through each stage of the lifecycle for maximum returns.

Marketing Automation

Fully integrated multi-channel marketing automation

Our intuitive journey builder allows you to easily create automated campaigns. Harness the power of cross-channel communications all from one screen.

Start driving more intelligent marketing automation today

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