Get The Label Case Study

Styling success: How Get The Label went from Spam to Glam with interactive multi-channel campaigns

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At a glance

• RedEye’s guidance transformed Get The Label’s Gmail reputation from bad to a high reputable domain.


• A range of customer lifecycle automations increased engagement rates and customer retention.


• Adoption of multi-channel marketing, including SMS, retargeting, and web personalisation, expanded Get The Label’s reach.


• Use of interactive email content such as personalised imagery and countdown timers resulted in an 126% increase in unique clicks.

Introducing Get The Label

Since 2008, Get The Label have pioneered online shopping of designer brands at affordable prices.
Get The Label’s ecommerce site has leading brands across mens, womens and kids wear, including footwear, clothing, and accessories, with savings of always up to 75% off the RRP.


Get The Label has grown year-on-year and now delivers brands such as adidas, Armani, Lacoste, Levis and Under Armour to over 58 countries worldwide.

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From a high Gmail spam rate to a highly reputable domain

When Get The Label first joined RedEye, the first challenge to address was immediate. Gmail listed their domain reputation as bad, with a higher than average spam rate – compounded by little to no support on deliverability from their previous supplier allowing the problem to grow.


With over 25% of their customer database using Gmail, Get The Label were losing out on considerable revenue. Multiple avenues were adopted to rebuild Get The Label’s Gmail reputation, starting with a deep dive into the root causes.


RedEye’s Deliverability team conducted an in-depth analysis of Get The Label’s email practices, identifying the elements that led to their poor Gmail reputation. This analysis created a tailored segmentation strategy.


RedEye helped Get The Label implement stringent list hygiene practices to remove inactive and disengaged subscribers. Smart segmentation was also introduced, ensuring that emails were delivered to the highest engaged subscribers during the new warm-up recovery phase.

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Gmail customers were removed from daily tactical campaigns and only added to automations and transactional emails. SMS messages were sent to Gmail customers asking them to check their spam folder and move any Get The Label emails to their inbox.


Over time, Gmail engagement segments were added to the best performing campaigns of the month – proven to be more engaging and relevant content. This increased subscriber engagement – sending positive signals to Gmail.


The concerted efforts of Get The Label and RedEye caught the attention of Gmail who started to increase the score of the domain reputation.
Within a relatively short time span, for a domain with a high spam rate, Get The Label’s reputation improved significantly, reaching a point where their emails were no longer flagged as spam.


Now with a good sender reputation Get The Label were able to send to all their Gmail customers and, for the first time, achieve their revenue earning potential from this segment of their customer database.

"Our Gmail reputation presented a substantial challenge when we first onboarded with RedEye. With their astute guidance and proactive measures, we not only rectified our domain reputation but also created numerous engagement segments that benefitted everyone. This accomplishment underscores the capability and commitment of RedEye’s Deliverability team." Liz McNamara, Marketing Director, Get The Label

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Seamless shopping experiences via customer lifecycle automations

Beyond the resurgence of their Gmail reputation, Get The Label and RedEye embarked on enhancing overall engagement rates, increasing email revenue, and strengthening customer retention. The heart of this transformation lay in the implementation of best practice customer lifecycle automations.


Alongside abandoned basket, product and category automations, RedEye helped implement a new welcome journey and lapsing automations to cover the whole customer lifecycle.


To keep customers informed and engaged, Get The Label leveraged a more advanced automation – price drop alerts. These automated notifications notified anyone when the price of a product they had previously interacted with had dropped in price.

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RedEye took Get The Label’s ecommerce data feeds to create a bespoke integration identifying the price drops and syncing them with customers to create the relevant segmentation. This real-time engagement tactic helped improve sales and enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty.


In addition to the customer lifecycle automations, RedEye also created a Snooze function and Preference centre. These sites allowed customers to have greater control over the frequency and types of emails they received.


By respecting customers’ preferences, Get The Label reduced unsubscribes and created a more positive relationship with their audience.
The Snooze site saved 46% of customers who used it from unsubscribing altogether.


The introduction of these new automations had a great impact on Get The Label’s email marketing performance including higher open rates, click-through rates, and conversions.

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“The strategic implementation of customer lifecycle automations marked a pivotal turning point in our email marketing. And our customers felt like we truly understood their needs. RedEye’s support in this area was instrumental in building stronger, lasting relationships with our audience.”
Liz McNamara, Marketing Director, Get The Label

Enhancing the customer journey with multi-channel magic

While Get The Label had made significant improvements in their email marketing strategy, their success didn’t stop there. RedEye encouraged the use of multi-channel, recognising the vital role it plays for ecommerce in expanding their reach.


SMS was the first additional channel adopted, originally used to improve Gmail reputation, it was then used in tandem with email campaigns to offer a direct and immediate way to communicate with customers – especially useful for important sales launches and time-sensitive promotions on the most popular designer labels.

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Get The Label developed a retargeting strategy via RedEye’s Google and Facebook ads integration to re-engage visitors who had shown interest but didn’t make a purchase.


By strategically placing personalised ads across the web, Get The Label could nurture potential purchasers and guide them back to their store, ultimately boosting conversion rates.


Web personalisation was the final channel added to the mix for Get The Label’s multi-channel strategy. By using data-driven insights, Get The Label tailored their online shopping experience for individual customers.


Recommendations, personalised content, and dynamic offers ensured that each visitor that matched a segment they had created in RedEye had a unique experience on the website.

"Multi-channel marketing expanded our toolkit. It allowed us to use email, SMS, and personalised web content to reach our audience through different channels but keep a consistent personalised message throughout. This approach brought in fresh possibilities for Get The Label and improved our marketing strategies." Liz McNamara, Marketing Director, Get The Label

Women wearing New Balance active wear

Dressed to impress - Interactive emails steal the show

In the ever-evolving landscape of email marketing, being innovative is crucial for keeping engagement levels high . Get The Label and RedEye worked together on improving tactical campaigns by incorporating personalised and interactive email content into the creatives.


Recognising the power of visual storytelling in capturing subscriber’s attention personalised imagery was implemented within the hero image. Instead of sending generic product images, Get The Label dynamically generated images tailored to the individual including displaying their first name.


Get The Label used countdown timers to great effect by creating a sense of urgency for their sales windows. These timers were added to emails featuring limited time offers, flash sales, or promotions.

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The countdowns encouraged subscribers to take immediate action. The result? A 126% increase in unique clicks compared with campaigns that did not feature a countdown.


To execute these campaigns successfully, Get The Label relied on RedEye’s Client Services team. This collaboration ensured that interactive elements were seamlessly integrated into their email creatives, and the team was always on hand to provide technical support and guidance.


The partnership with RedEye’s experts allowed Get The Label to focus on crafting compelling content while leaving the coding implementation to the professionals.

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“Interactive email content breathed life into our campaigns. Personalised imagery and countdown timers made our emails not just messages but experiences.


Subscribers were more involved and eager to interact with our content, ultimately leading to better results and a stronger brand presence.”
Liz McNamara, Marketing Director, Get The Label

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