Papa John’s case study

Interactive and engaging emails that powered long term customer relationships

Sharing Pizza

Key takeways

• 7.83% increase in last click conversion


• 4.91% increase in average order value


• -30% reduction in unsubscribe rate


• 65.5% increase in unique click rate

A pizza family known for perfection

Papa John’s has been making quality pizzas and feeding the nation for any occasion, for over 30 years. From its very first pizza created in a broom closet in Jeffersonville IN, to now more than 5,000 locations in 45 countries around the world, Papa John’s has not swayed from its core fundamentals that ingredients matter.


Whether it’s their signature sauce, delicious toppings, their original fresh dough, and even the pizza box itself, they always invest in the best quality ingredients to provide you the perfect pizza.


With over 40,000 takeaway and mobile food stands in the UK and the popularity of mobile ordering apps on the rise Papa John’s knew they needed to stand out from the crowd.


Ultimately, this meant encouraging customer loyalty to the Papa John’s brand, otherwise they would risk losing unengaged customers to competitors.

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Chicken and Cookie Dough sides

Email, with extra toppings

With customer engagement at the front and centre of their strategy, Papa John’s decided to focus on enhancing the customer journey by turning their attention to their email marketing.


Recognising that email is not only a huge revenue driver for their sector but also has the potential to be extremely interactive, vibrant and creatively versatile – the perfect channel to increase engagement within their customer base.


With a small but resourceful team, It was also important for Papa John’s to be able to have access to a marketing automation solution which was easy to use and would allow them to implement and manage lifecycle campaigns, as well as tactical communications, with minimal effort and resources required.


Taking advantage of RedEye’s interactive email content suite Papa John’s began to introduce interactive elements to their email campaigns, the aim was simple: improve engagement whilst also adding value to their customer’s overall experience.

Papa John's Pizza Box

“I have been very impressed with how simple and intuitive the RedEye platform has been to use. With a small and nimble team, it was important for us to have a flexible and versatile platform that we could rely on to help us to deploy the scale and sophistication of personalised lifecycle campaigns that you might expect from a much larger team.”


Alex van Steeden
Senior eCRM & Insight Manager

Getting the right mix of toppings and sauce

With highly engaging and interactive emails, the next step for Papa John’s was to ensure they were not over-communicating with their customer base.


By introducing RedEye’s activity algorithm onto their existing customer segments Papa John’s are now able to measure engagement at a customer level, which provides real-time insights to drive their segmentation strategy of who to email and when.


By also providing their customers the option to ‘snooze’ their emails to those that hit unsubscribe, Papa John’s has been able to reduce the number of unengaged customers they might have previously lost.

Two Pizzas

Recipe for success

By making their emails livelier and more playful, Papa John’s successfully increased the level of engagement within their emails by 65%


These highly engaged customers also contributed to a boost in pizza sales with an increase of 7.83% in their email conversion rate and a 4.91% increase their email average order value.


Alongside manging the frequency of communications and the ability to snooze emails, Papa John’s also saw a 30% decrease in the number of email unsubscribes.


This reduced the number of customers they may have lost, enabling them to build stronger relationships with their customers and most importantly, securing the value of their customer database.

Veggie Pizza Slice

“I have been delighted by the dedicated team at RedEye who have supported us each day on whatever we needed, whether that is design support, campaign creation or ideas on how we can drive up engagement and conversions – ensuring that we are always getting the most of the platform and our campaigns.”


Alex van Steeden
Senior eCRM & Insight Manager


increase in unique click rate.


reduction in unsubscribe rate.


increase in average order value.

Download your interactive copy to see Papa John's emails in action!

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