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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sending Trends

1st September 2021 - 5 mins


By Rob Edwards

, Product Marketing & Strategy Manager

The traditional; ‘peak period’ is ever changing, fuelled by over a decade of Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales, the event no longer resembles its humble beginnings.


To gain greater insight into marketers’ biggest questions around Black Friday and help retailers shape their plans for 2021, RedEye have analysed more than 180+ leading retail brands to uncover trends in the sending patterns, length of the Black Friday sales and whether brands opted for price or percentage discount.


How long did Black Friday last for in 2020?

Black Friday has grown from a single day event to now a month-long affair with what some term as “Black November”.
The growth is fuelled by customer anticipation, last year’s national lockdown forcing more online shopping than ever and brands jostling for share of inbox and voice during the event.


This combined effect caused last year’s Black Friday to run for a staggering 46 days up from 38 in 2019! The first Black Friday campaign to hit our inbox was Bodyshop landing on the 30th October promoting its Black November event and ended with Protein Works Black Friday Reload event on 15th December.
Make sure you read our article on how to capture new customers and preference of your existing customers ahead of Black Friday to capitalise on the ‘Black November’ trend.


When did volume peak during Black Friday?

We saw more brands than ever run early access or launch their Black Friday events early in November. Though email volume really began to increase between Wednesday 18th to Friday 20th November a week before the Black Friday week began with brands such as Pets at Home, Game and John Lewis launching during this period.


Be sure to watch our deliverability experts how-to guide to building your Black Friday sending strategy later in this series to learn about the types of messaging you can send to different customer groups throughout the Black Friday period.


Below we breakdown some of the leading retailers and when their first Black Friday emails landed in our inbox.

Black Friday Brand Release Dates

On the day itself RedEye saw the highest volumes of sends among our own clients between 9-10am moving away from midnight based sends we have seen in previous years.


What was the average length of a Black Friday sale?

Though RedEye observed an increase in the number of brands starting their Black Friday events in early November it is evident from our research that the majority brands still opted to run for 10-12 days.
Starting from the week before Black Friday, this has slowly crept forward from previous years analysis where brands previously would run offers during the Black Friday Week.


Did brands opt for percentage or price discounts?

Overwhelmingly within email subject lines we saw brands opt for percentage discount offers over price discounts, with a huge 86% of brands promoting percentage offers.
The most common discount percentages were 50%, 30% and 20% accounting for 64% of the offers being promoted.
Black Friday Typical Discounts

Consider before the Black Friday period A/B testing whether your customer base are more receptive to price or percentage discounts and what will work best to pull in your audience.


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