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Introducing Email Builder’s new showcase templates

2nd March 2022 - 5 mins


By Andy Gilhooley

, Product Marketing Manager

Email builder’s new showcase templates will help you hit the ground running and achieve your goals faster by doing all of the core design and layout for you.

Whether you want to create an automated email sequence to onboard new customers, launch a new product, or dress up transactional messages for your online store, there’s a showcase template for you.
Take inspiration from our range of designs in the full knowledge that each template has been crafted by a team with years of email design expertise. All with the clear goal to maximise engagement and conversion.
Each template is fully customisable through the familiar content block editor. There’s 30 templates to choose from! Take a look today, find your favourite and start customising!

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Andy Gilhooley
Andy Gilhooley Product Marketing Manager

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