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Why your marketing automation strategy must be your New Year’s resolution!

This webinar details how mapping – and continually refining – your marketing automation strategy is the only New Year’s resolution that you must keep to ensure your business thrives in 2021!


Let’s face it 2020 was a rollercoaster of a year! Since March many brands have faced a period of uncertainty, unsure of when they would be able to fully open their doors to customers again.
However, the high street closures forced customers online, brands began to see record sales close to those traditionally only seen over Black Friday and the digital landscape saw 5 years’ worth of transformation in a mere 5 months.
But throughout this period of rapid transformation, those brands that were able to deliver good online experiences, were the ones with a solid marketing automation strategy in place.
In this webinar we look at the highlights from 2020 – yes, there was some! – and what your brand needs in order to thrive in 2021.

Key topics include…


  • Success stories from 2020 of brands who enhanced their digital automation strategies and increased revenue The power of your customer data and how to utilise it to its full potential in 2021
  • How your automation strategy will improve efficiencies within your business
  • The steps to take to futureproof your marketing strategy



This webinar is hosted by RedEye’s Senior Strategy Manager, Danielle Malvern and joined by James Ede, Head of Customer Success at RedEye.

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