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Best practices for customer loyalty infographic series

7th July 2021 - 1 mins


By Andy Gilhooley

, Product Marketing Manager

In this infographic series we will give you some best practice tips to make this year your best ever for customer loyalty – from exploring your customers data all the way through to identifying your all important VIPs.

A loyal customer is a happy one. Not only do they spend more, they are also cheaper to maintain – it costs five times more to attract a new customer than it does to retain an existing one.
On top of this, there’s the reputational cost of losing customers as people are more likely to share bad customer care experiences than good ones.
Customer loyalty should be a key focus for marketers in 2021 as the effects of the pandemic start to wane and brands navigate the easing of resitrctions.
Despite uncertainty, the need to increase and maintain customer loyalty remains as important today as it was before the pandemic – some would argue that it’s even more important now than ever!
Customer Loyalty Infographics

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Andy Gilhooley
Andy Gilhooley Product Marketing Manager

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